3 Must-Visit Cafes in Seoul

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After living in Japan for 15 months now, we have become accustomed to the idea that no cafe will ever meet our ridiculous Australian standards, as we Australians truely are cafe snobs. But HOLD. THE. PHONE. Seoul is home to a vibrant cafe culture, with the novelty of a theme like Japanese cafes, combined with excellent menus. We found all of these cute and delicious cafes with a quick Google search and soon found that the list of instagrammable cafes was endless! These are just 3 of the endless list that are definitely worth checking out.

  1. Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

    Stylenanda is a Korean beauty and fashion company that also houses a super rad cafe! The Pink Pool Cafe is located IN the beauty store and there are 2 of these in Seoul. We accidentally went to the smaller one, but we can confirm that it was still very cool. The store is 5 levels, 4 of which house beauty and fashion products. Each level has a different theme and the whole store’s theme is ‘Stylenanda Pink Hotel.’ The floors appropriately match the overall theme: ‘level 1: lobby,’ ‘level 2: spa,’ ‘level 3: rooms,’ ‘level 4: laundry’ and finally, ‘level 5: pool.’ The cafe is on the 5th floor, and you can take the elevator or the stairs to the top. We would highly recommend taking the stairs and having a wander around the incredibly-styled fashion and beauty floors.
    The cafe level is completely tiled to look like a pool. Complete with beach umbrellas and a pool-side shower, they really pulled out all the stops to make it feel very authentic. But don’t let the spectacle blind you, make sure to check out their vintage-inspired menu of milkshakes and cotton candy drinks. They carefully place a whole piece of cotton candy on top of your drink and it is quite the sight to behold.

2. Cafe 연남동 223-14

Cafe 연남동 223-14 (we know its a mouthful) is worth a visit. You’ve probably seen this cafe on Instagram and for good reason. In person, Cafe 연남동 223-14 is even more incredible, if that’s possible. Every inch of the cafe, including the furniture, the cups and the doors have been illustrated to appear 2D. It’s like walking into a cartoon drawing. We can also vouch that their hot chocolates are divine and we have it on good authority that so are their coffees.

3. VR Cafe
This is not a conventional cafe, in that you don’t sit down and enjoy a meal with friends, but by goodness is it fun! A VR, or Virtual Reality Cafe, is an arcade of virtual reality games and experiences. We would like to preface this with a disclaimer: Georgia DOES NOT enjoy video games at all and she still loved this experience.
How it works: You pay for a period of time and then you’re allowed free rein on all of the levels. Most games are only two player at a time, but that is not to say that you can’t go alone because you definitely can. We were in a group of 3 and we just took turns partnering up. At each level there are game attendants who strap you into the game and start it for you. We were very unprepared for how real it is inside the VR goggles and it was quite incredible. The first game we did was a virtual rollercoaster where the cart that you’re strapped into moves minimally and the video streamed into your goggles does the rest. And boy oh boy did it feel real! Our stomachs dropped so many times! Some of the other games we did were zombie battles, parachuting, race car driving and a magic carpet ride. There were so many games and you could be in there for hours upon hours.

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