An adventure at Tokyo DisneySea

Rainy day at DisneySea (note: the Volcano is smoking!)

Its just assumed that when in Tokyo, you visit Disneyland. But, there is another unique Disney park in Tokyo, and that’s the beloved DisneySea. It is home to, what I would call, a random assortment of attractions from Indiana Jones, to the Little Mermaid. On the 14th October, we set off for the happiest place on earth. However, the downside of living in Japan, is the rain. It rains ALL THE TIME. Coming from Australia, we’re not really used to it, and therefore not very prepared. Unfortunately, our planned day for DisneySea was one of those rainy Tokyo days. We assured ourselves that the rain would blow-over and the sun would come out. It did no such thing. It rained for the majority of the day, which made the most magical place on earth a little less magical. But still, we made the most of our day and had a ripper of a time! First stop: Disney EARS!!

Of course Disney ears are a must nowadays when you visit a park. And, so we both chose carefully and bought our first pairs of ears. Due to the rain, the lines weren’t as long as usual so we got on a few key rides. The highlights included the Temple of Doom ride (Indiana Jones) which was both our favourite ride. Of course the Little Mermaid kingdom was incredibly magical, the Tower of Terror as frightening as you would expect and we had so much fun wandering through the streets of Agrabah, catching a glimpse of Abu and Jafar.

The Mysterious Island.

The park of course has so many other attractions that we didn’t get too. But, it is all centered around ‘the Mysterious Island’ volcano, in the middle of the park. Yes, the volcano does blow ‘lava’ and smoke and is a wonderful dedication to the works of Jules Verne. Unfortunately, the parks most famous coaster ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ was closed for repairs. But, we still got to enjoy the ‘20,000 leagues under the sea’ ride in our very own Nautilus.

The magic of Ariel’s playground.

One thing remained a mystery to us through most of the day. There were people everywhere dressed as a teddy bear, or had clothing with a bear on it, or dressed as a sailor, and we had no idea why. Who was this strange character? Is he even at the park? Through further investigation, we found he is in fact Duffy. Don’t know the name? Neither did we. Duffy is in fact a bear that was made by Minnie Mouse for Mickey Mouse when he was setting sail on a voyage. Apparently this character is only really famous in Japan because its cute and cuddly, so of course they love it. Duffy now has his own attraction at DisneySea. But of course, there’s more to it. We saw couples taking photos together dressed as bears (only in Japan) and that’s because Duffy has a girlfriend, Shellie May! So, that solved our couples photo mystery.

Georgia at DisneySea (also the Duffy area).

Of course we got to have some yummy Disney-themed snacks along the way including a pumpkin churro (thought it was a normal churro…still good), lunch at a giant ‘seaside’ diner, and I can’t go without mentioning our truly delicious and romantic pizza dinner along the streets of Disney’s Venice.

I am ashamed to say we opted out of staying for the 8pm fireworks due to our tired state and annoyance at the continuous rain. Still, was such a great day in the most magical place on earth and can’t wait to visit Tokyo DisneyLand soon!

Gearing up for a rainy day.

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