About Us

Welome to Globetrotting Peanuts! A blog sharing tips and tricks of working overseas, sharing travel experiences and our special page dedicated to the JET Programme.

Who are the Globetrotting peanuts? We’re actually sisters! We grew up on a cattle property in Queensland, Australia and loved every part of growing up there. After finishing high school, we both moved to Brisbane to study at the University of Queensland.

Georgia Payne studied Education, majoring in history and music at university. She then become a high school music teacher and dabbled in history, instrumental, English and dance. During university and work holidays, Georgia was fortunate enough to travel to several countries including a teaching exchange in England, a Topdeck tour through Europe and the UK, as well as visiting Canada, USA, and Japan.

Madeline Payne studied a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Japanese and Archaeology (weird combo right?). She then went on to complete her Masters in Museum Studies and began work at a museum in South East Queensland. During high school, Maddy participated in a school exchange to Japan where she lived with a host family fo 10 days and attend a Japanese school. She then visited Japan a few years later with the family, then returned to Japan again for a 5 month university exchange at Tokai University. Maddy was the lucky enough to travel to Cyprus for an archaeology dig, studying the middle Bronze Age.

Georgia and Maddy moved to Tokyo in August 2019 to start their new adventure as Assistant Language teachers.