Timeline for JET 2018/2019

Date What happened
11th November 2018 application deadline
27th December You got an interview!
16th January Received interview date & time
25th March You’re in! Shortlisted candidate
21st May Receive placement and school (private only)
10th June Receive date for Q&A info session
28th June Q&A info session (received flight details)
16th July Receive time and date for pre-departure briefing
26th July Pre-departure briefing and farewell reception at Embassy
28th July Fly out! From Brisbane International at 9:30am (meet at 6:30am)

JET is a long road. There’s no doubt about it. Anyone you know who has been involved in the JET process will tell you the same thing. But…there is a silver lining! If you get in, you’ll be living and working in Japan! So it’s definitely worth it. Before the application deadline arrives in the beginning over November, you have actually already started gathering documents weeks beforehand. So this process actually goes from October, all the way through to July. Crazy right? We’re providing this timeline for people thinking about applying for JET. You are constantly waiting on the next piece of news. Will I get an interview? Will I get into the program? What will my placement be? When are we flying out? When’s our pre-departure briefing? It usually takes a month or 2 to actually receive your answers to these questions. But you have to remember how many people they’re dealing with in your state, your county, and around the world. Trust me, they’re working as hard as they can!

Obviously you have the normal dates provided about such as the date we found out we got an interview, the interview date, the date you find out your in. These are pretty given every year and the dates don’t change around too much. However, the date that can change the most is probably receiving your placement. Now, everyone (from your consulate) will receive their city on the same date. HOWEVER, only Private school JETs (like us) will actually receive the name of their school. Public school JETs may have to wait until mid-July to find out their school from the BOE (Board of Education). You might think, what’s the big deal? Does is matter if I already know where I’ll be living? It is a big deal. If you are based rurally, chances are you will be given a place to stay that your predecessor has all nicely set up for you. Yay! Whereas, if you are given ‘Tokyo’, that’s a little more difficult. Look at a map, Tokyo is ENORMOUS. We also have to find our own accommodation which is a little difficult if you have no idea where your school is. You don’t want to choose a place that you have to travel an hour and a half to school every day. Not cool. But just know, they won’t leave you behind, you WILL get your school eventually.

It’s a waiting game, and you have to be prepared for it. Which means, you should be committed to the programme the day you hand in your application. If you withdraw at any time during the process, you may not be allowed to apply for JET again. So please have a plan for leaving work/moving etc. if you do get in! More to come on the specific’s of getting ready to move to Japan…

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