Best brunches in Tokyo.

As Aussies, we hold a special fondness for brunch and missed it a lot when we arrived in Japan. However, after 4 years of trying brunch throughout Tokyo, we can share the best brunches in Tokyo.

Our absolute FAVOURITE brunch place in Tokyo. Cibi is based off a Melbourne cafe vibe and menu and even has window art of Flinders Street Station! Their ‘Cibi Breakfast’ is a delightful combo of avo on toast, soft boiled egg with some kind of delicious secret sauce on it (YUM), and a bunch of greens with balsamic vinegar (*chef’s kiss*). They also make the most mouth-watering matcha and white chocolate muffins so make sure you grab one to go on your way out! And if you needed
another reason to visit, the staff are also so incredibly lovely.

Cibi Breakfast

One of the more well-known Australian brunch spots in Tokyo, Bills is a Japan classic. With locations in Harajuku, Odaiba, Ginza and Kamakura, Bills has all of your Aussie brunch classics on the menu and offers a very adjustable menu where you can add and take away items from your meal (a rarity in Japan). We would highly recommend ordering extra haloumi with your brunch.
Keep in mind however, that because Bills uses a lot of imported ingredients, it’s quite pricey. It isn’t really an every weekend kind of place if you’re on a budget.

Higurashi Bakery and Bookshop
A cutie patootie little cafe/bakery/bookshop we found in our last weekend in Japan, Higurashi Bakery is in the suburbs of Nishi-Nippori and has some INCREDIBLE pastries, excellent matcha lattes and an adorable bread-themed bookshop.

Higurashi bakery feat. matcha lattes and sakura donuts

Eggs ‘n’ Things
Just around the corner from Bills in Harajuku/Omotesando is Eggs ‘n’ Things, a Hawaiian cafe, famous for their pancakes. We would also highly recommend the crunchy potatoes. DELISH.
A little tip, if you’re not a HUGE fan of whipped cream, don’t order the whipped cream pancakes. When we say there is a literal MOUNTAIN of whipped cream on the plate, we’re not exaggerating. Consider yourself warned.

This little cafe in Setagaya-ku is one of the homiest places we’ve ever been to in Tokyo. RoJean is a family-run cafe where the whole menu is made up of Grandma RoJean’s recipes from Kansas. When we visited, Grandma RoJean pulled out her harp and played in the cafe! We would recommend the grilled cheese and tomato soup or the chicken quesadilla.

Higurashi Bakery and Bookshop

Parklet Bakery
A cute little bakery off the beaten track in Chuo-ku, Parklet Bakery backs onto a neighbourhood park in Nihonbashi and serves a delightful array of fresh breads, pastries and breakfasts. A cute little place that’s very popular on the weekends!

World Breakfast All Day
A very cool little breakfast place that serves a different breakfast from around the world every couple of months. They also have standard British, American and Taiwanese breakfasts on the menu every day. We got to try a Georgian breakfast when we went and boy did it make us want to travel to Georgia! With 3 locations in Tokyo, this cafe is incredibly popular, so make sure you’re there early if you want to get a seat on the weekend!

Mr Farmer
A well-known chain restaurant in Tokyo, Mr Farmer has multiple locations throughout the city and offers mostly plant-based meals. Always decorated beautifully, Mr Farmer is a great option for people with dietaries.

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