Mt. Mitake 御岳山 – Mt. Hinode 日の出山

With the state of emergency being lifted countrywide, it was time to finally leave the city and head out hiking again for the first time in 6 months. Thankfully, Tokyo prefecture has a number of mountains to visit that are only a day trip away. Having visited Mt. Mitake (mee-tar-kay) before in rather unfavourable weather, … More Mt. Mitake 御岳山 – Mt. Hinode 日の出山

South Korea

South Korea has been on our bucket-list for a while now as it is a popular country for Japanese people to visit due to being so close. So we decided we would jet off to Seoul with our last 5 days of winter holiday. Day 1 Our flight from Tokyo at 8:15am left little room … More South Korea